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The knowledge hub
that unites your team

Docs, wikis, meeting notes, conversations...
Mindmesh bridges your team's silos of information and lets them find what they need, when they need it.

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Documentationthat's fun & functional

✅ Documenting is tedious. Mindmesh Cards remove the hassle and let you do it on the fly - without requiring you to move away from your wiki or docs of choice.

✅ Important knowledge is buried in Slack's endless stream of noise - back it up to Mindmesh, enrich it and make it forever valuable.

✅ It's hard to keep critical documents up to date. Mindmesh knows what knowledge really matters & helps its owners keep it up to date.

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Find what you're looking for

✅ Folders and hierarchies are always a mess. Information is spread across tools. Mindmesh finds whatever you need in  Drive, Notion, Slack, Confluence, Jira... It's really fast too!

✅ Scattered work is hard to navigate, and meaningful connections are lost. Link related content, and increase the odds of surfacing what's relevant.

✅ Can't find what you're looking for? Mindmesh understands who knows what, and finds the best colleagues for the task.

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Putting the work out of teamwork

✅ Teams can have a hard time understanding what everyone is up to. Remote work doesn't help. Mindmesh gives visibility on each other's work, keeping them on the same page.

✅ Time consuming work gets forgotten and duplicated. Mindmesh leads you to it before you start wasting your time.

✅ New hires take time to ramp up - let them self-serve and access what they need.

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The Mindmesh Toolbox

Spot cards
Mindmesh Cards

The writing format that's going to rock your world.
Easy to update, and linked to any document, colleague or conversation.


Find whatever you need,
wherever it is: Mindmesh, Notion,
Drive, Slack...

Slack backup

Don't lose meaningful conversations on Slack - back them up using
@mindmesh - detail them with cards.


Understand what your colleagues know, what they're working on, and who can help you out.

Use cases

📖  Knowledge base

Produce and document easily highly maintainable knowledge.

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🤝  Team alignment & remote work

Ensure all employees are on the same page & build a strong online-office experience.

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💰  Customer-facing teams

Get your customers what they need, fast.

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🛠  Product & Operations

Access the knowledge you need, share the knowledge you produce.

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🐣  Onboarding

Ramp up new hires faster than ever before.

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Connect & enrich all the knowledge sources you're already using

...and many more!
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About us

Raffaele Colella
CEO & Co-Founder

Google Product Manager
Cannonball & MyBlend Co-founder (Apple best new app)
Fiat Business Development and M&A

Ulysse Mizrahi
CTO & Co-Founder

Dataiku (Employee #20)
(YC), Fitle (CTO)
Nextperf (acq. Rakuten)
École Polytechnique, U of Cambridge

Meet our team

Backed by awesome investors including... 

Edward Roberts

Prof. Edward Roberts
‍‍MIT Entrepreneurship Center Founder

Rich Miner

Rich Miner
‍‍Android Founder

Keith Coleman

Keith Coleman
‍‍VP of Product @ Twitter

Jeff Bonforte

Jeff Bonforte
‍‍CEO @ Grindr

Luke Benhke

Luke Behnke
‍‍VP of Product @Zendesk