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Mindmesh is the virtual desk that puts you in control. Centralize work, notes, todos, and meetings. Jump back in an instant. Focus on what you should be doing, right now.
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Meet your Desk

Mindmesh is your virtual Desk, where you build, track and complete the work that matters. Wherever you get your work from (Slack, mails, apps...), send it to your Desk to plow through it - but only when it's time.

Spending the day at your Desk might finally sound like fun. 

Bring in your work from your favorite tools

Connect your tools, connect your thoughts. 
The major apps are already available and many more on their way

Context switch without breaking your flow

Context-switching means sifting through scattered work. Stop relying on your memory - Mindmesh restores context and lets you cruise through your day without losing steam.

Centralize work on any given topic, jump back to it when you need to.
Create tasks in context with your work - get the context back when you start working on them.
Ace your meetings by linking prep work, meeting notes and action items to your calendar events.

Don't let work slip through the cracks

With work popping up in meetings, Slack, mails and other apps, it’s easy to let things fall through. Mindmesh tracks all your work, wherever it came from, so you never drop the ball.

A central place for your notes, todos and events.
Bring work from all of your apps (Gmail, Slack, Jira, and a lot more) to Mindmesh.
Get a clear picture of what you’re working on at a glance.

No more firefighting

It's easy to get distracted by Slack notifications, email, apps and countless meetings. Mindmesh lets you set aside what's low impact and focus on your goals

Defer non-urgent work and have Mindmesh remind you about it.
Get a full picture of your workload to prioritize what to do next.
Jump back into what you planned and focus on achieving your goals.

🔐  Privacy by design

Mindmesh is built from the ground up with privacy and security in mind.

🔐 Mindmesh is SOC2 Type II certified and verified for Google OAuth sensitive scopes.

🔐 Mindmesh implements all industry-standard security protocols to secure your data.

🔐 Your data is secure, encrypted, always available and backed up.

🔐 Access control is preserved from your tools: employees only access what they are allowed to.

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Jeff Bonforte
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