4. How to create and manage Cards and edit text

Creating a Card: Use the shortcut C in any column, or click on the button that appears when hovering over a column. A new card will appear on the bottom of the column.

Marking a Card as done:

Snoozing a card: 👇 snoozed card will come back to the unsorted (left) column of the desk when due

Managing a card: Clicking the 3 dots button on a card you have several options:

Text formatting: Highlight the text you want to format to bring up a menu of formatting options.

Turn into #card: To track and take action on the most important parts of a document, turn those into todos. To dos are new cards, connected with the original one but trackable independently from it. You can find the newly created to do in Unsorted.

New Card blocks

Text blocks is not the only thing you can add to a card. You can add many other types of blocks by typing /

To turn a text into an hyperlink (1) copy the desired link with Control + C (2) highlight the text you want to connect (3) paste the link with Control + V