1. Getting Started - Setup and Daily Routine

Mindmesh centralizes your work, gives you the big picture and makes sure you’re on track.

To set up Mindmesh, take 3 minutes to connect:

Connect your daily apps

Once the integrations are set up, it’s time to bring work in:

  1. Clip from Slack any thread you need to work on by clicking on the “save” icon next to the thread. It will automatically appear in your Mindmesh inbox.
  2. Clip from other tools any pages & tasks you have by clicking on the blue button “Send to my Desk’
  3. Manually add any other task you have in mind by creating new cards
Click on “Send to my Desk” to clip any emails

You’re now ready to prepare your first day:

1 - Go through your cards in both the “Today” section and in the Inbox (where you will find the content you imported from your tools).

For any card decide if you want to:

2 - Look at your calendar - if there are any meetings you want to prepare see 11) How to prepare meetings in Mindmesh

*Pro tips