1. Getting Started - Setup and Daily Routine

Mindmesh centralizes your work, gives you the big picture and makes sure you’re on track.

To set up Mindmesh take 3 minutes to connect the (1) Mindmesh Chrome Extension, (2)  Google Calendar and (3) Slack.

Once the integrations are set up, it’s time to bring work in:

  1. Clipping from Slack any thread you need to work on  
  2. Clipping from other tools any pages & todos you have [REF CARD]
  3. Manually adding any other to do you have in mind by creating cards in the "to-do" column

You’re now ready to prepare your first day:

1 - Go through your cards in both the to-do and in the unsorted column (where you will find the content you imported from your tools).

For any card decide if you want to

2 - look at your calendar - if there are any meetings you want to prepare see 11) How to prepare meetings in Mindmesh

*Pro tips