2. How to import tasks, cards, emails to Mindmesh?

Step 0  (one time setup only) - To import content in Mindmesh you need first to install the Mindmesh Chrome Extension.

Step 1 - Then you will see a blue button "Send to my Desk" in any page of the tool you’re using (Gmail, Jira, Drive, Intercom…and many more). For the list of the supported softwares see "14) What tools Mindmesh supports?".

Click on “Send to my Desk” to clip any emails

👉 Clicking the blue button creates a Mindmesh Card containing what you have imported - e.g. an email, a doc or a Jira ticket.

👉 The card will be in the Inbox of your Desk.

*Pro tips

Click on the Toggle card to edit it without leaving the app you’re in.