2. How to import tasks, cards, emails to Mindmesh?

Step 0  (one time setup only) - To import content in Mindmesh you need first to install the Mindmesh Chrome Extension.

Step 1 - Then you will see a blue button "add to MindMesh" in any page of the tool you’re using. For the list of the supported tools see "14) What tools Mindmesh supports?".

👉 Clicking the blue button creates a Mindmesh Card containing what you have imported - e.g. an email, a doc or a Jira ticket.

👉 The card will be in the Unsorted (left) column of your Desk.

*Pro tips

You can also edit the Mindmesh card right after you have created it - the card will open in context directly in Gmail, Jira, Drive, etc...
You can edit its title, change its position on desk, snooze it, create a to do in it, or blocking time in calendar to work on it.