Integrations: Slack tasks

How to import Slack threads to Mindmesh

How to integrate Slack with Mindmesh

To import a message from Slack, you have to Integrate slack first. 
Go on the gear icon next to Mindmesh logo, chose Integrations, Slack, and set it up. Your admin might have to approve this extension for your Slack team. Mindmesh is SOC II type 2 certified and we'll be happy to provide the necessary documentation when asked.
If you want to read more on how to improve your Slack routines, this article from Zapier blog might help you. 

How to integrate Slack with Mindmesh

To create a new task from Slack simply hover on it and click the Add to saved items icon from the action menu on the right. You can create tasks from any type of Slack message: direct messages, threads, or messages on different groups or channels. By converting Slack message into Mindmesh tasks it will be easier to manage all your tasks. The message will show up in your Unsorted column on the Mindmesh Desk. 

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