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How to supercharge Google calendar with Mindmesh

How to organize your entire schedule in one place with Google Calendar and mindmesh

Google Calendar helps you keep track of the upcoming activities of your business meeting, birthdays, or holidays. Adding Tasks and Calendars improves the app's functionality. Tasks help you come up with your own to-do list. Instead of using Google tasks, you can integrate Mindmesh with your calendar.

Once you connect Google Calendar in Mindmesh you can have multiple ways to improve your workflow
1. Prepare a meeting
2. Create Focus Time
3. Work with Mindmesh in Google Calendar

👉 Users who manage their time with Mindmesh calendar are 3X more successful at increasing their productivity with Mindmesh.
Not ready to schedule? If you rather defer work you might be interested in How to snooze Card

How to prepare for a meeting using Google Calendar and Mindmesh? 

Select the event you want to prepare and “drag and drop it” to your desk. This will create a new page, connected to the event, to work on.  
Even if you remove the card from the desk it will always be findable in the Calendar event. All prepared events have a link icon in Mindmesh Calendar. Remember that this is synced with your Google calendar and it's the perfect place for task management.

Meeting preparation cards are also accessible in Google Calendar

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How to create Focus time in Calendar

Click on a Calendar slot and create an event.If you want to plan on what to work then you can “prepare it” by creating a linked card, which will be in the Unsorted Column.

How to connect your existing work

You can also connect the new card to existing work by tagging some other cards/docs by typing @ + doc name

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Access Mindmesh from Google Calendar

In Google Calendar if you click on an event you can prepare a Mindmesh card connected to the event clicking on the blue button “+ new linked card”In Google calendar you can also access the meeting you prepared in Mindmesh - if you click on the event you prepared you can find the Mindmesh card in there.

Mindmesh in Google calendar you need first to install the Mindmesh Chrome Extension , + install the integration for Google Calendar )

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