Get Inspired With 4 Simple Tricks to Boost Your Productivity

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September 27, 2023


Raffaele Colella

Sometimes, productivity doesn’t come from perfecting a process, it comes from finding inspiration.

“If you have a lot on your plate, feeling uninspired is a pretty standard response”, points out @muchelleb, content creator on self compassionate productivity and behavior.

On a day that you’re feeling mentally stuck, no amount of coffee is going to get you through your huge todo list and a calendar filled with meetings and due dates.

Working without inspiration can be very demotivating, and your productivity will suffer from it. But luckily there are a few tricks that you can try right now to boost your productivity and improve your task management. Here’s how:

Look around you

First, take a look around you. Think of friends, coworkers, authors, public figures that inspire you. Find out what inspires them and take a few minutes to browse through it all. New sources of information and different scenarios will help your mind with new references and a change of perspective. Even listening to music can help you shift your mindset for the day, increasing your productivity.‍

Write tiny goals

Achieving a goal and taking it off of your list gives you an immediate satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. This can work as fuel for your next move, and motivate you to keep going. Many times, motivation will happen during the action, and not before. Write a tiny goal, add tasks that you can achieve quickly and do it right away, is a way of boosting your energy and getting you going onto the next task!

One step at a time will help you to create momentum!

Schedule your priorities and save as your backlog everything else that you will work on later. If you have a list in mind, you can go to Mindmesh and upload it as tasks. Drag your most important to-dos directly to your calendar to block-time for them!‍

Ask the question “Why”

Remembering why you’re doing what you’re doing gives you a bigger picture. The results of your work can have an impact on something exterior to work, or later in the future, someone else’s work… Ask yourself what is the intention behind what you’re doing and how will this affect your future. The “Why” may just be the question that will drive you through your tasks.


Sometimes we’re uninspired because our minds are cluttered with too much information. Clearing up your mental load is an excellent way to give space for inspiration. For this, you can do a braindump session, where you write down in the form of a list absolutely everything that is on your mind right now that needs to get done.

Take it all out and create a note that you will be able to come back to during the next few days. Avoid having to remember all your compromises by yourself and use this space to focus on one task at a time.

In a nutshell:

  • To boost your productivity, you might need to actually boost your inspiration.
  • Find out the “why” behind your tasks, and create momentum to do them.
  • Remember to not always waste time waiting for motivation to start a task, sometimes it’s doing the task itself that will bring the motivation.
  • Clearing your mind and taking a step back is a great way to see everything that’s on your plate with a new perspective.
  • And finally, get new inspiration sources from people you admire. Our inspiration for this article came from @Muchelleb’s video on ways to get inspired.

👉 Remember: you can use Mindmesh to organize all your notes, todos and meetings, and see the clear picture of your work. Inspiration will come when you see the connection between your actions and your thoughts. To try it out, start here.

‍We hope this article gave you some useful tips to work with.

See you on our next topic.




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Raffaele Colella

Mindmesh Co-founder and CEO

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