How to create to-do lists on your desktop and work without distractions

Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

Batch your tasks on our Desktop app and work on them without distractions.

Have you had enough of managing (and forgetting) multiple todo lists scattered through different apps and pieces of paper? It’s overwhelming to have to rethink what your tasks and priorities are at the start of each day.

A lot of you asked recently for an option to have to-do lists on your desktop, away from your phone’s distractions and far from all the tabs opened in your browser. A place where you could batch all of your tasks and categorize them later on, without losing focus. We’ve got you covered.

Make your Desktop work for you 💻

Download Desktop app: Go to ⚙️Settings on your left navigation bar and click on 🔴 Get the Desktop app.

While it downloads, you can already start gathering all of your todos in your mind. If your todos are listed through different apps like Notion or Jira, for example, you can integrate these apps to your Mindmesh account and simply send your todo lists to Mindmesh. No need to rewrite the same things twice!

Ready? Now, create a new card (click on + Card or use the shortcut ⌘⇧C for Quick card creation).

You have 2 options now.

One big to-do list

You can write down a big list of everything you have to do inside one single Card and then start organizing items one by one: select and click on “Turn into Cards” if you want to add details to a specific task or to block time in the calendar to work on it. 

One card per task

Or, you can create one card per task. For each card, you can:

With all your to-dos listed in your Desk, you can start working on your top priorities. Snooze the cards that are not urgent, and focus only on what you have to work on right now.

Let us know how it goes. And remember: the goal is to reduce context switch, build momentum and get things done

We wish you a productive day!

Mindmesh Team