The Best YouTube Channels to Guide You Through Productivity

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September 27, 2023


Raffaele Colella

We selected a few of our favorite references on Youtube this month on productivity and time management. From “work with me” sessions, to detailed tutorials, insights on product management and, of course, getting work done. Here are our top choices, we hope you like it.

Hacks to improve your life

Let’s start with Ali Abdaal. You probably already know him, he is a former doctor turned entrepreneur, as he says it himself. Talking to a community of 3.35M subscribers, Ali explores strategies and tools to improve people’s lifes. His top videos are about productivity, book recommendations, his favorite apps and tools, time management and he even has a whole playlist about money.

In this video, Ali ranks all of the world’s most popular productivity technique in order of how effective they are.

 Work with me sessions

Secondly, let’s talk about a corner of Youtube called “Work with me”. Are there any active members reading this? Aurelius Tjin’s video “Work With Me (2 Hours) with Music | Pomodoro 25/5 Timer (For Study or Work)” is a great one for when you need a timed background music. It’s a 2 hours long video, divided in 25-minute blocks with a 5-minute break in between. You follow Aurelius' work rhythm to create your own. It can be very helpful if you need an external motivation to improve your focus - such as music that helps with concentration (carefully curated) and a second person to keep you on top of your work and not make you lose momentum.

The best part, there are no ads during the entire video, so you can have an uninterrupted 2 hours work session. It’s the perfect video if you enjoy the Pomodoro Technique, since the breaks are included every 25-minutes. 

On intentional life and getting things done

Muchelleb is a content creator that talks about creating an intentional life, and getting things done. She has many great tutorials on her channel where she goes step by step on how to prioritize your work, and how to use tools to simplify your processes. Quoting different books throughout her videos, her channel is also a source of reference of authors on productivity and behaviour change. Also, for days when your todo list seems impossible, her strategies on how to braindump, prioritize and get started are really easy to follow.

Software tutorials

For tutorials on how to make the best of different productivity/work softwares, there is the Productive Dude. You can follow his step-by-steps to create your templates to work from. It will definitely save you a lot of time! Another great channel for using and testing different apps and tools is Keep Productive. Very clear and right to the point with hacks that you might not know about certain apps. Both channels are filled with tutorials, it's worth watching!

On breaking habits

Matt D’avella is a documentary filmmaker, entrepreneur and YouTuber. A lot of his videos are into self-development, behaviour change and productivity systems. If you’re struggling to break a specific habit in order to improve your productivity, this video might help you:

For future product managers

Lastly, this one is especially selected for wannabe product manager: Chloe Shih. Chloe talks to a community of over 50k subscribers about life working in tech, answers questions about the career as a product manager and take you throughout her work days.

That’s all for this month, we hope these channels gave you a few insights. The goal is to always learn.

If you haven't seen yet, take a look at our last article, where we announced a few new features on Mindmesh, such as the Desktop app, Github integration and more. 

Wishing you all a productive week!




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Raffaele Colella

Mindmesh Co-founder and CEO

Article FAQs

What should I watch on YouTube to be productive?
If you're looking to be productive and improve your skills, there are many educational channels on YouTube that can help. Here are a few channels to consider: TedX, Crash Course, Khan Academy, Learning How To Learn, Tim Ferriss.
What productivity youtube channel has the most subscribers?
The YouTube channel with the most subscribers focusing on productivity and self-improvement is likely GaryVee. Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur, investor, author, and internet personality who shares his insights and experiences on entrepreneurship, marketing, and personal growth.
What is productivity?
Productivity refers to the measure of efficiency in which a person, organization, or system uses resources (such as time, labor, and materials) to produce a desired output or result. In the context of work or personal life, productivity can refer to how effectively and efficiently one uses their time, energy, and resources to achieve their goals and objectives.
Other than YouTube, where else can I learn how to become more productive?
There are many other resources where you can learn about productivity and how to become more efficient and effective. Here are a few options: Books (like "Atomic Habits,") online courses (Coursera, Udemy,) workshops, and coaching.

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