What’s new in Mindmesh: Desktop app, shortcuts & more

New onboarding flow ✨

After hearing your feedbacks, we worked on our app’s onboarding to make it smooth and easy to follow! Now, we take you step by step through the main features of the app. You start using your desk already with your 3 most important tasks waiting for you, as well as a quick shortcut at the right corner of your Desk to integrate any tools you may need. To create an account, click here. You'll get to work in just a few minutes!

The Mindmesh Desktop app is ready 🔥

Work faster using our desktop app. You can download the Mindmesh desktop app from your account, going in Settings > Get the desktop app. Once downloaded, you’ll always find the app in your dock next to your go-to apps. Enjoy its powerful shortcuts and fast interface!

We’re on Twitter 💙

We’re now on Twitter, follow us @mindmeshapp to have access to new features, shortcuts and tips on how to improve your workflow and your productivity. We’ll also talk about time management, ideas on how to use your Mindmesh Desk, productivity hacks, tasks management, planning, meeting prep strategies, and more!

New shortcut 👀

Quick Card Creation (Command + Shift + C) - quickly input your thoughts in Mindmesh from anywhere.

Last but not least:

- New Daily Digest: Receive daily an update of how many cards you have in your inbox, and how many meetings there are in your calendar. You’ll start your day on top of your tasks, knowing exactly what you have to do. Just as if your todo list was sent to you every day!

- Github Integration: The Github integration is live, and allows to track assigned Issues and Pull Requests on your Desk. New assigned items automatically show up in your inbox.

If you haven’t seen our last blog post, check it out: What are your top work goals before 2023? Get it all done with our productivity tool. In this post we guide you through making the most of your work during the the last stretch of 2022.

Have an idea or request?  

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