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What is multichannel support?

Definition: Multichannel support is a customer service approach that offers customers multiple communication channels to interact with a company. The goal is to allow customers to choose the most convenient communication method for them.

Those channels are usually phone, email, chat, chatbots, social media, or messaging platforms.

This enables organizations to increase customer satisfaction and the efficiency of customer support operations. 

Offering multiple communication channels provides a seamless, consistent, and personalized customer experience.

How to effectively implement multichannel support?

To efficiently implement multichannel support, you need to: 

  1. Determine customer communication preferences: Which channels do they prefer to use?
  2. Choose the right channels: Don’t blindly follow customer data; consider the limitations of each channel and question how they fit your existing customer support infrastructure and resources. 
  3. Integrate your channels: Integrate chosen channels into a unified platform that allows agents to access all communication channels in a single place. 
  4. Provide consistent and quality service across channels: Responses should be quick and personalized regardless of the channel.
  5. Monitor and measure performance: Keep track of response time, first contact resolution rate, and customer satisfaction scores to measure the effectiveness of your multichannel support strategy. Use this data to identify areas for improvement and optimize your support workflow.
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Article FAQs

What is the difference between multichannel and omnichannel support?
Multichannel support provides customers with multiple channels to interact with a company, whereas omnichannel support is an integrated approach that seamlessly connects these channels and allows customers to switch between them without losing context. 
What are the challenges of implementing multichannel support?
The most common challenges are ensuring consistent and quality service across all channels, training agents to handle and manage inquiries on all channels, integrating channels into a unified platform, and monitoring and measuring performance across channels to optimize support workflows. 
What is an example of multi-channel support?
Imagine that you have subscribed to an online service but experience problems with account setup. You can reach customer support via online chat, email, or by calling them. This ability to choose how you want to interact with support is an example of multichannel support.

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