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What are action items?

Definition: Action items are tasks that must be completed to achieve a goal.

Action items allow for accountability, and guarantee tasks are completed on time. They are also found in personal settings, such as making a to-do list.

Action items are specific and measurable and have a due date. This ensures they are completed promptly. They are also realistic and achievable to increase the likelihood of their completion.

Elements of clearly defined action item

What is Action Item | Explained in 2 min

When an action item is clear, all stakeholders know who is responsible for what, when it needs to be done, and how the task owner will do it. Here are the essential elements of a clearly defined action item.


Setting up action items in Mindmehs.

This refers to whoever's responsible for completing the task. In some cases, it is a single individual; in others, it's a team or department.


This describes the task that needs to be completed — the 'what' begins with a concise verb describing the type of action to be taken.


This is the deadline for completing the task, and it has to be realistic and achievable. In some cases, the 'when' is open-ended (e.g., as soon as possible), while in others, it is very specific (e.g., by the end of Friday). 

The 'when' must be realistic and allocate enough time to complete the task.


This describes how the task will be tackled and is specific enough that there's no room for misinterpretation. The 'how' also describes any resources needed to complete the task.

In some cases, the 'how' is very specific, outlining each step that needs to be taken. In others, it is more general, providing guidance on how one should approach the task.


This is the reason for completing the task, it should be clear and concise.

Action item examples


Action items in marketing aim to generate more leads, sales, or awareness for a company or product. Using the model of who-what-when-how, here are a few examples:

Product Development

The goal is to create a product that consumers will want to use.


In management, action items aim to improve efficiency or to address problems that have been identified.

How do I assign action items in Mindmesh?

Create a task and click on the three dots in the lower left corner:

Click on the “Assign card” and then type in the name or email address of the person to whom you want to assign it.

You can keep track of assigned tasks in the Assigned Work tab:

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