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What is ARR by agent (average resolution rate by agent)?

Definition: ARR by agent is a customer support metric that measures the average number of support tickets resolved by a particular support agent over a given period of time. It helps evaluate individual support agents' performance and efficiency in handling and resolving customer issues.

ARR by agent is calculated by dividing the total number of resolved tickets by the agent within a given period by the total number of working days in that period. This gives you the average number of tickets resolved per day by that agent.

ARR by agent = total number of tickets resolved by agent / total number of working days

ARR by agent is used to:

  • Assess the productivity and efficiency of support agents.
  • Identify areas where agents may require additional training or resources.
  • Optimize workload distribution and resource allocation within a support team.
  • Set performance goals and evaluate improvements over time.
  • Benchmark agent performance against industry standards or internal targets.
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Article FAQs

What factors can influence ARR by agent?
The ARR by agent can be influenced by the complexity of issues handled, agent experience and expertise, available tools and resources, and the overall workload of the support team.
Can ARR by agent be used as a standalone metric for evaluating support agents?
To provide a comprehensive view of your support team's effectiveness, ARR by agent should be used in conjunction with First Contact Resolution (FCR), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Average Handle Time (AHT).
How often should I monitor ARR by agent?
Monitoring ARR by agent weekly or monthly can help you identify trends and patterns in agent performance, allowing you to address any issues or make adjustments as needed. However, the frequency of monitoring can vary depending on your specific business needs and support team size.

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