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What is gamification?

Definition: Gamification is the addition of game elements and mechanics into a non-game environment to enhance user experience and drive more engagement.

The goal of gamification is to persuade users to do something on the platform by providing them with fun, challenges, or entertainment.

Gamification examples

Snapchat incentivizes users to use their app daily to keep the streak going because missing a day resets it to 0.

Duolingo prompts users to learn languages by rewarding them with badges for completing language challenges.

Product Hunt has a “most active user” leaderboard prompting people to engage and contribute to the community.

Mindmesh gives you daily tasks to learn how to use the platform.

What are the types of gamification?

Structural gamification is the integration of game elements into the structure of an app/website. It’s separate from the app content. For example, the progress bar fills up the more lessons you watch on a website.

Content gamification takes the content on the app/website and turns it into a game to make it more engaging. For example, lessons have quizzes between them to test the user's knowledge.

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Article FAQs

What are some gamification strategies?
Increase user retention by rewarding constant user action Get more engagement by letting users compete against one another Create a sense of urgency by issuing limited-time awards Retain user attention by splitting content into chunks with challenges between them
What are the key elements of gamification?
There are three categories of elements. In this example: Badges are rewards that give users a sense of achievement. Dynamics focuses on the goal we want to achieve. (Sense of achievement) Mechanics are the process that triggers the action. (Rewards) Components are the elements that enable dynamics and mechanics. (Badges)

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