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What is issue tracker?

Definition: An issue tracker is a tool used by customer support and software development teams to track, prioritize, and resolve bugs, issues, and problems reported by users.

They allow for a centralized and organized record of issues, enhanced communication, increased transparency, and streamlined problem-solving processes.

Key features of an issue tracker are ticket creation, assignment, and prioritization, but also stratus tracking, team collaboration, and analytics. 

Example issue tracking scenario

  1. The user submits the issue via the company's support portal. 
  2. A company receives a bug report from a user. 
  3. The issue tracker creates a ticket and assigns it to a support agent. 
  4. The agent prioritizes the ticket and collaborates with the development team to diagnose the problem. 
  5. Once resolved, the agent updates the ticket status, informs the user, and closes the ticket. 
  6. The company uses issue tracker analytics to identify trends and improve the software.
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Article FAQs

What does an issue tracker do?
An issue tracker helps the support and development teams manage, track, and resolve issues or problems users report efficiently and timely. 
What is an issue tracker in project management?
In project management, an issue tracker is a software used to manage, track, and resolve issues or problems related to project tasks and activities. 
What is the difference between issue tracking software and bug tracking software?
Issue tracking software is a general tool that can encompass a broader range of issues, while bug tracking software specifically refers to software used to manage and track software bugs or defects found during the software development process.
What is the difference between issue tracking software and ticket tracking software?
Issue tracking software encompasses any type of problem, bug, or inquiry, while ticket tracking software specifically refers to the process of creating, tracking, and managing tickets.
Why is an issue tracker important?
Issue trackers are important because they streamline the customer support, product or software development, and project management process, which ultimately results in increased customer satisfaction and team productivity.

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