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What is an opportunity score?

Definition: Opportunity score measures the potential value or likelihood of success of a new product or product feature. It prioritizes product development efforts and allocates resources to the most promising opportunities. 

The opportunity score can be calculated using a variety of factors, such as market demand, competitive landscape, the potential return on investment, and the resources required to pursue the opportunity. 

How is an opportunity score calculated?

To get the opportunity score, the team asks their customers 2 questions for every product feature:

1. How important is this feature to you? (1-5)

2. How satisfied are you with the feature's performance? ( 1-5)

After conducting a survey, you can calculate the opportunity score in 4 ways:

1. Equal importance of ratings

The highest importance score and the lowest satisfaction score of a feature is the "opportunity."

2. ODI formula – a double value of "importance" ratings

Importance + ( importance - satisfaction) = opportunity

The highest score of a feature is the " opportunity."

3. Decision matrix

This is a method in which a set of criteria or factors that are relevant to the opportunity are identified, and the opportunity is evaluated against each factor on a scale (e.g., high, medium, low). 

The scores for each factor are then added together to produce an overall opportunity score.

4. Expert judgment 

The opportunity score is determined based on the input and judgment of experts or key stakeholders who have knowledge and experience related to the opportunity.

If you are interested in scoring frameworks read more about RICE scoring.

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Article FAQs

What is an Amazon product opportunity score?
An amazon product opportunity score is a number a product gets after analyzing a group of similar products based on performance data, competition analysis, and quality.
What is JS Opportunity Score?
JS opportunity score is an algorithm that helps predict and calculate the market opportunity of Amazon products. A high opportunity score (6-10) means that you have a high chance of ROI if you supply a similar item.
What is Einstein opportunity scoring?
Einstein opportunity scoring is a system that determines which companies have the best chances of growth and opportunities based on their position in the market, financial stability, and risk ratio.

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