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What is a ticketing system?

Definition: A ticketing system is a software application that manages and tracks customer support requests and issues, usually known as tickets. 

It is used by companies to streamline their customer service processes and ensure that all customer issues are tracked and resolved in a timely manner.

When a customer contacts a company with a support request, the request is logged into the ticketing system as a new ticket. The system then assigns the ticket to a customer service representative or a support team, who is responsible for resolving the issue.

The ticketing system provides a centralized platform for managing customer support requests. It allows support representatives to easily view all open tickets, prioritize issues based on their urgency and importance, and communicate with customers to provide updates and resolutions.

Difference between helpdesk ticketing system and IT ticketing system

The terms "helpdesk ticketing system" and "IT ticketing system" are often used interchangeably, but they can have different meanings depending on the context. 

Some of the key differences are:

  1. A helpdesk ticketing system is used to manage support requests related to a company's products or services, while an IT ticketing system is used to manage support requests related to a company's IT infrastructure.
  1. Helpdesk ticketing systems often include features like a knowledge base and FAQ, while IT ticketing systems focuses on asset management, network monitoring, and IT service management.
  1. Helpdesk ticketing systems are used by customer support or other non-technical staff, while IT ticketing systems are used by IT professionals and system administrators.
  1. Helpdesk ticketing systems use terminology that is more customer-facing, such as "support request" or "ticket," while IT ticketing systems use more technical terminology, such as "incident," "problem," or "change request."
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Article FAQs

What is a CRM ticketing system?
A CRM ticketing system is a type of customer relationship management (CRM) software that is designed to manage customer support requests. It combines a CRM system's functionality with a ticketing system's features.
What are the benefits of using a ticketing system?
The benefits of using a ticketing system are increased productivity and efficiency, better customer support organization and communication, increased accountability among agents, and insights into performance through analytics and tracking.

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