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What is a weekly standup?

Definition: Weekly standup is a meeting held once a week at which team members report on their progress and discuss any roadblocks or issues they may be facing.

To keep the team informed and aligned on the work being done. They are used to inform team members of the potential changes to the project scope and discuss what they will be working on next.

How to run a weekly standup?

There are six steps to a successful weekly standup:

  • Keep it short: Aim for the meeting to last 15-30 minutes.
  • Create consistency: Set a fixed day during the week and always have the meeting on that day.
  • Have a fixed meeting structure: Create a meeting agenda and follow it every meeting (update, tasks, roadblocks).
  • Focus on action items: Make sure that team members discuss tasks that need to be completed in the coming week.
  • Encourage participation: Have every team member contribute to the meeting with their updates and engage them in the discussion regarding the topic at hand.
  • Follow up on open items: Make sure to discuss the team's roadblocks since the last meeting and if they are resolved.

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Article FAQs

Who is in charge of a weekly standup?
A team leader or project manager is in charge of a weekly meeting and is responsible for facilitating the meeting and ensuring that it stays focused on its goal.
What is the difference between weekly standup and a traditional meeting?
Weekly standups are short and serve to update the team on their progress, while traditional meetings cover various topics. Weekly standups are structured and held regularly, while traditional meetings have a different structure every time depending on the topic and are held when needed.

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