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What is workplace communication?

Definition: Workplace communication is the exchange of information and messages between individuals or groups within a professional setting. 

It includes verbal and written communication, such as face-to-face conversations, phone calls, emails, and reports. 

Effective workplace communication is crucial for the smooth operations and success of an organization, as it encourages collaboration, coordination, and understanding among employees.

Types of workplace communication

Workplace communication can be categorized into three types:

  • Verbal Communication: involves the use of spoken words to convey information (meetings, presentations, voice messages).
  • Written communication: involves the use of written words to convey information (emails, reports, slack messages).
  • Visual communication: involves the use of images, graphics, or other visual elements to convey information (charts, diagrams, online meetings).

Elements of effective workplace communication

Effective workplace communication is:

  • Practical: providing information and ideas that are relevant and useful to the team.
  • Factual: based on accurate and reliable information.
  • Clear: easy to understand and free of ambiguity or confusion.
  • Persuasive: convincing the team to take a specific action or adopt a particular point of view.
  • Timely: delivered so that decisions can be made and action is taken when required.

How can Mindmesh help with workplace communication?

Mindmesh helps improve workplace communication by integrating all of your communication tools (Email, Slack, GitHub…) into a single workspace. 

It helps you prioritize and manage your messages from different apps by letting you save them to your Mindmesh Inbox, from which you can choose how important they are and when you should act upon them.

Adding a Slack message to your Mindmesh board.

Sending emails as tasks to your Mindmesh board.

Mindmesh also allows you to share notes and work together on them in real time, making it easy for your team to collaborate and stay on the same page. 

Sharing tasks with team members in Mindmesh.

Additionally, it offers a kanban board view mode, which allows you to visualize and manage your team's work and progress in a clear and organized way. 

 What are the 7 Cs of communication?

The 7 Cs of communication are a set of seven principles for effective communication: 

  1. Clear: The message must be understandable and clear.
  2. Concise: The message needs to be short and to the point, without extraneous words or details, avoiding unnecessary information.
  3. Correct: The communication should be precise and error-free.
  4. Coherent: The information should be logically ordered and have a distinct structure.
  5. Complete: The communication must have all the information the recipient needs to understand it completely.
  6. Courteous: The speaker should convey their message with courtesy and deference.

Considerate: The message should consider the listener's needs and viewpoint.

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Article FAQs

What are workplace communication strategies?
Workplace communication strategies are the ways in which employees communicate with each other. They include establishing clear communication channels, active listening, being open and transparent, and using clear language.
How to improve communication in the workplace?
Create clear communication channels, practice active listening, and be open and transparent in the workplace to improve communication. To keep everyone informed and on the same page, use clear, short language and give frequent updates.
What is technical workplace communication?
It refers to using technical language to communicate about specific topics or fields of work. It includes technical reports, specs, directions, and other materials requiring a high degree of knowledge. This type of communication is essential for industries like engineering, technology, or science.

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