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What is a brand manager?

Definition: A brand manager is a marketing professional who oversees and directs the strategic planning and execution of a company's brand. 

A brand manager ensures that the company’s brands are consistent in their messaging, image, and tone. 

They work with internal stakeholders such as product managers, marketers, salespeople, and external stakeholders like media outlets or advertising agencies to ensure that the company’s brand is properly represented in the market.

The brand manager generally has several years of experience working in the marketing field. They should also have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, and a good understanding of creating compelling advertising campaigns that will resonate with the target market.

The brand manager often works closely with the project manager, content marketing manager, UI designer, product lead, and the leadership team.

What tools do brand managers use? 

Brand managers use a wide range of different tools to stay up-to-date with industry trends and effectively manage their brands on a day-to-day basis. They use project management tools, analytics, social media tools, and more.

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Article FAQs

What is the difference between a brand manager and a marketing manager?
The brand manager is responsible for managing the overall image and reputation of a brand, while the marketing manager is responsible for developing and executing strategies to promote the brand.
What is the difference between a brand manager and a product manager?
The key difference between a brand manager and a product manager is the focus of their job responsibilities. A brand manager typically oversees multiple products or product lines, while a product manager manages one specific product or line in great detail.
What is an associate brand manager?
An associate brand manager (or assistant of the brand manager) is responsible for the planning, development, and execution of marketing strategies designed to promote a specific product or line of products.

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