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What is a support ticket?

Definition: A support ticket is a formal record of a customer's inquiry, issue, or complaint that requires assistance or resolution from a customer support team. 

Support tickets are created when a customer contacts a company for help via email, phone, chat, or social media.

When a customer submits a support ticket, it is logged into a support ticketing system, which assigns a unique identifier or number to the request. This allows both the customer and the support team to track the progress and status of the issue.

Support tickets usually contain:

  1. Customer information: The customer's name, contact details, and any other relevant information that helps identify them and their account or product.
  2. Issue description: A detailed description of the problem or inquiry, including any error messages, symptoms, or steps taken by the customer before contacting support.
  3. Category and priority: The ticket is categorized based on the type of issue (e.g., technical, billing, account-related) and prioritized according to customer importance or potential impact on the business.
  4. Ticket status: The current status of the ticket, such as open, pending, resolved, or closed, indicating the progress of the support process.
  5. Support agent assignment: The ticket may be assigned to a specific support agent or team based on their expertise, availability, or workload.
  6. Communication history: A record of all interactions and correspondence between the customer and support team, including any updates, questions, or additional information provided by either party.
  7. Resolution notes: Documentation of the steps taken to resolve the issue and any relevant information for future reference.
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Article FAQs

Can support tickets be reopened if an issue is unresolved?
Yes, support tickets can be reopened if an issue is not fully resolved or the customer experiences a recurring problem. In such cases, the support agent can continue working on the ticket or escalate it to a higher level of support if necessary.
What happens when a support ticket is resolved?
When a support ticket is resolved, the support agent updates the ticket status to "resolved" or "closed" and documents the resolution for future reference. The customer may be asked to provide feedback on the support experience to help improve the process and ensure their issue has been adequately addressed.
How are support tickets assigned to agents?
Support tickets are assigned to agents based on expertise, availability, and workload. Automated ticket routing systems can streamline this process by matching tickets to the most suitable agents or teams. This ensures that issues are addressed by the right agent and resolved more quickly.

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